History Book/Founders

Why do we have a History Book as part of the required items in each Temple?
History is important because it allows us to understand our past, which in turn allows us to understand our present.

Page three of our History states, “Little did a group of women living in Seattle, Washington, many years ago, dream that from the nucleus of their small group called Ladies of Nile Club, would it evolve in less than a half-century to a vast organization of women which would command the highest respect and admiration in every country in which it was represented.”

Within this small History Book (available to all members) are the answers to questions you either have never asked or ones you had not thought to ask:

  • Why the name Daughters of the Nile?
  • Why the name “Hatasu” for the first Daughters of the Nile Temple?
  • Who decided we should sing “Knocking, Knocking, Knocking, Who Is There?”
  • Who determined the Bible on the Altar should be opened on the 5th Chapter of Matthew?
  • What significance is the Veil placed upon the Bible?
  • Imagine all the other decisions these Founders needed to make:
  • What apparel a candidate should wear,
  • Use of an Amphora during initiation,
  • The colors of Daughters of the Nile,
  • The design of our pin,
  • The selection of a White Rose as a symbol of our organization,
  • How members were selected, and
  • Why passwords were created and how were they determined.

All this information and SO much more is found in this small book.
I relate all of this planning done by our predecessors, to all the changes and decisions our Supreme Queen Heather Krastins Lambert has faced during this very unusual year.

As we approach our Founders Day programs, I urge members to review your History Book and maybe even find a copy of our 100th Anniversary Album. I leave you with this poem written by our Founder and Past Supreme Queen, Mabel R. Krows.

Our White Rose
Our Temple’s emblem is a rosebud, with petals of purest white,
Growing in the garden of love, sleeping throughout the night.
It wakens in the morning to shed a fragrance rare,
And smiled up into the sunshine, because the day is fair,
But even when awakened, to a day o’er shadowed with rain,
It lifts its face toward heaven, glad of the showers again.
Because without the showers, it would not have long to live,
As water is essential for each living thing a life it gives.
So our white rose is an emblem of faith, hope, trust, and love,
And thoughts of our Heavenly Father in his beautiful garden above.

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