One of the nicest things anyone can give is a bit of themselves, their time, their talent, their knowledge, their caring. Think of those people in your life who took the time to help you along the way. The co-worker who showed you an easier way to do a task. The classmate who sat with you at lunch when you were alone.
The club member who welcomed you and explained what was happening. These are small but meaningful gifts given by the generosity and heart of the giver. We all have the capacity to share these gifts with others. The best part is that they cost nothing, and the rewards are great. Some small gesture given from the heart may result in a lifetime friendship.
There is a perfect opportunity in our Daughters of the Nile Temples for giving this gift of self. Candidates, new members, and proposed ladies are full of questions and concerns. It only takes a minute to welcome someone and offer the gift of yourself as a friend and Mentor. Your reward may be a friendship that will last a lifetime.
Training programs are offered to our Ladies to assist in becoming the best source of help and information possible. To be a good teacher, be a good learner. Learn about Daughters of the Nile, your own Temple, and how to apply this knowledge to relationships with others. Mentor Training is offered by the Supreme Temple Membership and Public Relations Committee. Consider asking them to present
this information at your Temple.
A Temple’s Mentor Program is an essential and valuable tool for recruiting and retaining new members. When a person has a ready-made friend and source of information in a new situation, they are much more likely to have a positive reaction. Mentoring is the best step in welcoming a new person and making them an instant part of the group. What a wonderful gift to give someone.
Be A Mentor, Make A Friend!

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