Communication is the key to life. 
Communication is the key to love. 
Communication is the key to us. 
Dallas Austin 

The members of our Temples look forward to the beginning of a new year each April. It is exciting to come to the first Stated Session after the Installation of Officers to appreciate the changes in décor from last year’s reign to the new Queen’s theme and colors. Each member in attendance is granted a feeling of renewal by observing each new Officer portray her character.  Unfortunately, for this year, this anticipation has been postponed for most of us. How do we keep the excitement alive for our Order when we cannot attend Sessions or see one another? 

Many Queens and their Officers began to immediately develop strategies to keep in contact with the members of their Temples. Some are unsure of what to do. The following is a compilation  of some strategies to “Keep us connected while staying at home.” 

Email blasts are an excellent way to get a message to all the Ladies of the Household very quickly. However, a telephone call to a member from the Queen, Elective Officers, or the  Temple Membership Committee can make a lady feel special. “How are you? I miss you!  What have you been doing to keep busy?” are some general conversation starters. Since there are members in our Temples who do not use the computer, reinstating the Temple phone committee is one of the best options for reaching all of the members. Publishing a Temple newsletter is another strategy for keeping everyone in your membership informed.  

After receiving a letter from Supreme Queen Heather giving us instructions for using video conferencing to conduct Temple business, our Temple leaders have been making modifications to meet the needs of their members. Not only have Temples embraced communication technology to conduct Temple, Unit, and Club business, but also to have social gatherings and fundraising activities. 

The Membership Committee report from Naiad No. 109 in Mobile, Alabama, conveys that not all of its members use email. In order to reach out to all members, messages are sent via the postal service.  

Miriam No. 2, Victoria, British Columbia, is sending congratulatory messages to its members on the anniversary date of Initiation. By the end of the year, every member will have received a  message from the Queen and Temple.  

Mat-Sha No. 62, St. Paul, Minnesota, is planning to have a “Coffee with Katy.” This event  scheduled for 6:00 a.m. will be a Zoom social to start the day.  

If you are wondering how to reach some ladies who have moved to another state, Nydia No. 4 in Portland, Oregon, was successful in reinstating two of its members by inviting them to attend their Zoom get-togethers. The members have now been attending Zoom Sessions and are  “really happy to be back!” 

As members of Daughters of the Nile, we love to support our children. When our Sewing  Groups cannot get together, how can we still work for our philanthropy? Khem No. 85 in  Jacksonville, Florida, members designate pickup locations for supplies to make items for the medical centers. The Ladies of the Household make the requested items at home and then deliver the finished product(s) to a drop-off point.  

Have you heard of visiting on the porch? The Queen and Membership Chairman of Allah No.  28, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, sat with members on their porches and visited while social distancing.  

How about hosting a tailgate party? The Queen of Elim No. 76 invited the members to a  breakfast tailgate party. Everyone brought their own coffee and breakfast, sat on lawn chairs, behind their vehicles in the parking lot of the Temple, and social distanced. Everyone wore masks and enjoyed seeing one another after several months of staying at home.  

Ozemb No. 52, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, sent handwritten notes to the members via postal  service.  

Have you tried a themed get-together? Zitta No. 27, Baltimore, Maryland, held a Zoom event,  “Take Me Out to the Ballgame.” Many participants proudly wore their Orioles team outfits.  

Bingo! Many Temples are playing Bingo via video conferencing. Oasis No. 46, Montreal,  Quebec, combined a social event and a FUNdraiser. Bingo is such fun; Temples are playing each month. Some members who can no longer attend regular Stated Sessions are playing at home. This is an ideal way for them to participate in a Temple event. 

Uarda No. 24, Utica, New York, held its Membership Committee meeting in an outdoor pavilion  in a park. Everyone brought a bag lunch.  

Remember this Time?” was included in email blasts to members of El Manrah 132, Alexandria,  Virginia. Photos of past get-togethers are being sent to members, which causes them to reflect on previous times spent together.  

Shalman No 90, Dallas, Texas, has taken the opportunity of using Zoom conferencing to hold educational classes. Its members participated in a 4-week Nile 101 Orientation Class. 

Through video conferencing, Temples are able to reconnect with some of their members who have moved away. They are able to attend social events and fundraisers that they haven’t been able to do since they moved. Samla No. 51, Washington, DC, hosted a virtual tea. Each member made a donation to attend the tea. While drinking from their teacups at home, each participant enjoyed the camaraderie of Nile friends. Perhaps, for your tea, you may want to dress up in hats and gloves! 

The inconvenience of not being able to physically attend a Session has evolved into opportunities to connect with our members in new and inventive ways. Erin Bennett, PQ,

Ziphron No. 100, San Angelo, Texas, a member of the Supreme Temple Membership and  Public Relations Committee, says, “Zoom is sort of like cell phones…now that we have it, we don’t know how we made it without it before!

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