IF we BELIEVE, then the year of “YES” is coming!

As we approach our annual Temple elections, we must initiate the power of “YES.”
We must say “YES” to new opportunities that are afforded us as we eagerly accept all of the various positions available to us in our subordinate Temples.
Our incoming Queens need volunteers to assist in the various jobs available. Committees need chairmen and ladies to assist. We need fresh and innovative ideas for CEF events and ways and means projects. We need proposals to grow our membership. We need Mentors to keep
our current membership interested and participating. We need ladies who are willing to assume the responsible positions of leadership; Princesses Badoura, Tirzah, and Royal. If we truly BELIEVE, then why are we afraid to say “YES”?

Why are there so many Temples with the elected line offices being filled with protems? What is it about these offices that frighten our members from the desire to serve in them? Where is our commitment to this organization? All of us make mistakes. Memory work has never been easy and as we get a little older it may be even more difficult than before. But it is not impossible if we BELIEVE we can do it. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Were we fearful when we decided to get married? Were we fearful when we became pregnant? Were we fearful when we went into labor, started our first job, bought our first house, bought our first car, started our own business? The list goes on. Many of us are in the “afternoon” of our lives. That doesn’t mean we sit and do nothing. That means we fill each day with meaningful activities because no day comes back. Some of our members are young and are putting opportunities off until they get older and more settled in their lives. These opportunities could help shape their lives and make them better women, mothers, and wives. This is our life and it is not a dress rehearsal. We don’t get mulligans, like in golf. So it is incumbent on each one of us to step up to the plate and take a swing at life. Our Temples need our help NOW! Each member can make a contribution whether large or small. Don’t be afraid, just DO IT! Be a “YES” woman. Don’t wait until you retire, your husband gets well, your kids go to school, your job puts you in a better position, you win the lottery, you’ve been a member longer or your broken leg heals. Some of our Temples may not have tomorrow or next year if we don’t make this the year of “YES.”

Do you BELIEVE in Daughters of the Nile? If you do, then make this the year of “YES”. It will be for yourself, your Temple, our Order. I’m counting on YOU!

Alyce Thomas, PSQ, Chairman Supreme Membership and Public Relations Committee

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