German Princesses


The recent official visit of the Supreme Queen to Athaliah Temple No. 114, Orlando, Florida was momentous indeed! Among the seven candidates initiated were four ladies from Germany. We met some of these ladies last summer at Imperial Shrine in Daytona Beach, Florida. They expressed a strong desire to become Daughters of the Nile and work alongside their Shrine Nobles in Heidelberg, Germany as they work for the children. Athaliah decided to forge ahead and presented their proposals for membership. Sunday, January 28, 2018 was their initiation date.

Four ladies and three Nobles from Emirat Temple in Heidelberg, Germany arrived in Orlando and were warmly greeted at the airport by Nobles and Ladies of Bahia Shrine. They were really wined and dined during their short but busy stay in the United States. Illustrious Sir Ian Ielfield, Potentate, and Illustrious Sir Mitch Lokken, Past Potentate of Bahia Shrine, along with our Queen Linda Fennel, arranged several events for these foreign visitors. Trey Rapp, Chief Raban, was diligent in working on the public relations for the events. The guests were transported to Tampa and they visited Imperial Headquarters and the Tampa Hospital where they were warmly greeted and welcomed. Other Nobles and ladies from Bahia and Athaliah were also in attendance at these events.

Queen Linda Fennel and her Noble Alan hosted a pizza party with all the trimmings at their home on Friday night where some of the guests were also staying. There was a boat trip to Mount Dora and Eustis on Saturday. An evening visit to Disney Springs was arranged by the Divan ladies.

While the four ladies were being initiated into Daughters of the Nile on Sunday, the three Nobles were treated to Cigars and Shooting at a local gun club. Later they joined the ladies at the American Legion Hall on Lee Road for a banquet that included Unit performances and a message from Karen Keuther, Supreme Queen. Imperial Sir Gary Bergenske and Lady Ann were in attendance and showed their support in the first endeavor to spread the Nile into international areas.

These ladies will return to Germany as a Club belonging to Athaliah Temple. Other proposals have been submitted and will be acted upon in due time. They will receive an Obligation Only Initiation via Face Time. All of these ladies will then be spreading the word about Daughters of the Nile in Germany.

Renee Seel, Past Queen from Ilderim Temple No. 15, Syracuse, New York, a member of the Supreme Temple Membership and Public Relations Committee, translated the obligation into German and, following the obligation given in English, read it to the German ladies for a better understanding. This was truly appreciated by the German members. Gigi Barfield, Past Queen, Khem Temple No. 85, Jacksonville, Florida, was also in attendance and assisted with some translations among the ladies for clarification.

The room at the Eola Masonic Lodge was full of visitors who came to witness this first-ever event. Two Past Supreme Queens, twenty Supreme Appointees, two Reigning Queens, Supreme Princess Royal, and the Supreme Princess Marshal, along with other visiting officers and Ladies of the Household were in attendance. A light lunch was served as everyone gathered and visited with each other prior to the Ceremonial. A slight flu siege, along with two deaths, dampened the visit of some, but everyone weathered the storm and performed to the best of their abilities. Queen Linda, who was still battling pneumonia, did an amazing job and it proved to be an outstanding day for Daughters of the Nile and Athaliah Temple. That is called Commitment and Dedication.

This just proves that with Nobles of the Shrine and Ladies of the Household working together – ”Nothing is impossible.” What are you doing in your own Temple to better the relationship you have with your local Shrine Center?

Let’s all join hands together and make both organizations stronger and larger as we help the children, less fortunate than many, both here and abroad.

Alyce Thomas, Past Supreme Queen
Chairman, Supreme Temple Membership and Public Relations Committee

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