Where Are YOU?

After attending Sessions and events at various Temples, I have been left with a couple of questions. Where are you and why aren’t you participating? Officer stations are frequently occupied by Past Queens, and some appointed officers often just fail to attend Sessions; the sidelines are sparse. Events to promote the Temple or to entice new members are often woefully attended, even after several months of announcements and reminders at Session, via the newsletter, and via emails.

Ladies, if we are going to grow, we need to GO! Think about it. We can talk the talk about our beautiful Order; however, we will not draw anyone to it if we aren’t involved and busy in it. What do new members observe about you that will encourage or discourage their active participation? If you are present and working for your Temple, they will want to join in too.

Some say that our membership has been overcome by serious phobias. WHAT?

  • Hypengyophobia – Fear of Responsibility
  • Ergasiophobia – Fear of Work
  • Laliophobia – Fear of Speaking

I say that can’t be true. We are a membership of women so …

Fear of Responsibility? Never! We know how to take on responsibility by organizing our lives and those of our family members. We handle finances, support our spouses, birth children, teach, correct, plan events, and go to a job. It doesn’t seem that taking on responsibility is a problem. So, consider being on a committee, chairing a committee, or leading/participating in event planning. Maybe become a Mentor.

Fear of Work? Another “NO.” If you have no fear of responsibility, you work every moment to make sure everything is done. NILE ladies can work! Don’t wait to be invited to work, ask someone what needs to be done and volunteer—be a self-starter!!

Fear of Speaking? Well, maybe. We all like to “talk.” We like to have our say in everything that is happening; but, speaking, as in ritual work, seems to be scary to many. Me too, but, it can be overcome. The first step might be to take an interest in a particular ritual character, watch her closely, and listen to her part. If you like it, let an officer know. The officers will support you in learning the part. And remember, above all, perfection is of God … we all stumble in our memory work from time to time.

The phobias are not our problem. So why are you among the majority who isn’t present and participating? Please think about it and allocate some time for NILE. Just putting events on your calendar when they are first announced might help you get to them. If you love NILE, you’ll find the time and a way to be as active as you can be. Again, if we are going to grow, we need to GO.

Claudia Fowler, P.Q.
Athaliah Temple No. 114
Supreme Membership and Public Relations Committee

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