Communication is Key

Do you remember the anticipation of waiting for the postman to deliver the mail?  Then, one day you open your mailbox and discover a letter addressed to YOU.  Opening the envelope and reading the message inside was just like having a personal visit from a family member or a friend.  Nowadays, not only does the postman bring the mail, but many of us are keeping up to date with the news, telling stories, and sharing special events via the electronic mail received in our computer inbox each day.  Communication is the human connection.  Communication is the key to a strong Temple.

A Temple Newsletter is a great way to engage your members and to keep them informed on a regular basis.  A newsletter should be informative, interesting, and even exciting to read.  The content should fascinate your members.  In order to keep them as members, the topics should be focused on meeting their needs.  Those elements of a Temple Newsletter will vary depending on your Temple membership.

The following are some thoughts on how to create a newsletter your members want to read.

  • Some topics could be chosen based on your readers’ interests such as garden tips, recipes, kitchen hacks, favorite books or movies, and craft projects.
  • Other ideas could be teaching objectives, like a “Did You Know?” column dedicated to the history of Daughters of the Nile or information about Shriners Hospitals for Children.
  • Including favorite quotes and online links to our partners such as the Daughters of the Nile Foundations is another consideration.
  • A favorite of mine, I have read in a couple of Temple Newsletters, is an article on the relevancy of Princess Tirzah’s lecture to today’s circumstances.
  • Temple members can be showcased by publishing biographies of Ladies of the Household or interviews with the Queen and/or Elective Officers. Including Memorials to members who have been lost due to death are beautiful tributes.
  • A Temple newsletter is the best way to advertise an upcoming fundraiser, Unit/Club activity, or social event.  When the event is complete, posting photos of each activity builds enthusiasm for the next project.

Do you know that the Temple Newsletter can be sent to your Temple members’ email boxes?  The Temple members who prefer to have their newsletters sent postal mail are the only ones you pay for printing and postage.  All the other members’ newsletters are free.  What a bargain to keep your members current and “in the know.”

 If you do not have a Temple Newsletter as a communication tool for your members, consider serving on your Newsletter Committee.  Contact your Queen today to volunteer.  The Supreme Temple Membership and Public Relations Committee sponsors a Newsletter Awards Program.  Awards are presented for the best Temple Newsletters at the Annual Supreme Session.  Your Temple could be the recipient of the 2020 Awards.  Access the newsletter criteria on the Membership webpage of the Daughters of the Nile website at

Pat Thachuk, Past Queen
Supreme Temple Membership and Public Relations Committee

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