Newsletter Awards Criteria

One of the most popular and successful means of communicating with your members is a Temple Newsletter. It can be published monthly or quarterly. Members of the Supreme Temple Membership and Public Relations Committee review Subordinate Temple Newsletters throughout each fiscal year in order to recognize the Temples that have published the best newsletters for that year. The Temple Newsletters are assigned to a group based on the total membership of the Temple. There are three groupings. Each one is awarded a First, Second, and Third prize. The Temple publishing the Most Improved Newsletter is also given an award.

If you would like your Temple Newsletter judged for our Awards Program, send your publications by emailing them to

Must include:

  • Daughters of the Nile Official Emblem – Verify you are using the correct emblem with the green stem by clicking here.
  • Subordinate Temple Website URL, Facebook page, etc.
  • Temple Name and Number – No. not  #
  • Charter City Location
  • Stated Sessions’ Location
  • Font and Size easy to read
  • Pictures and Names
  • Creativity

Additional Points:

  • Supreme News
  • Supreme Temple website:
  • My Gift Program
  • Membership and Mentoring
  • Daughters of the Nile Foundations
  • Greetings from the Temple’s Elective Officers
  • Club and Unit News (Meetings, Times, Locations)
  • Temple Calendar
  • Dates to Remember
  • Temple Fundraisers
  • Local Shrine Events
  • Hospital Requests/News
  • Member Contact Changes (Addresses, Telephone, Email)
  • New Member Picture and Contact Information
  • Member Birthdays, Anniversaries
  • Sickness and Distress
  • Other

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