“How to Get Started Publishing a Newsletter Your Members Cannot Wait to Read”

Communication is the best way to preserve the caring relationship we have for one another. A Temple Newsletter is an excellent format to communicate with your members on a regular basis in order to keep them current. If you are motivated to publish a Temple Newsletter, here are a few steps to help you get started.

  1. The Queen appoints an editor who is responsible for gathering the content and formatting the publication.
  2. If this is your first Temple Newsletter, you may want to select a name for your publication. Consider having a contest by asking your members to submit names for your newsletter.
  3. Make the decision about how often you are going to publish a newsletter. Insert the due dates for the newsletter articles on your Temple calendar.
  4. Select the information to include in your newsletter that pertains to your Temple and the interest and needs of your members. There are a variety of topics to choose from for your newsletter.
  5. Some topics could be chosen based on your readers’ interests such as garden tips, recipes, kitchen hacks, favorite books or movies, and craft projects.
  6. Other ideas could be teaching objectives, like a “Did You Know?” column dedicated to the history of Daughters of the Nile or information about Shriners Hospitals for Children®.
  7. Including favorite quotes and online links to our partners such as the Daughters of the Nile Foundations is another consideration.
  8. A favorite topic is an article on the relevancy of Princess Tirzah’s lecture to today’s circumstances.
  9. Temple members can be showcased by publishing biographies of Ladies of the Household or interviews with the Queen and/or Elective Officers. Including Memorials to members who have been lost due to death are beautiful tributes.
  10. Highlighting a member’s special event or milestone will make her feel special.
  11. A Temple newsletter is the best way to advertise an upcoming fundraiser, Unit/Club activity, or social event. When the event is complete, posting photos of each activity builds enthusiasm for the next project.
  12. Some of the Temple members use the computer regularly. The Temple Newsletter can be delivered to their email inbox without costing the Temple any money; however, there are members who do not use email and the newsletter will need to be distributed through the postal service.  (Email is the preferred method of sending the newsletter to the members of the Supreme Temple Board of Directors.)

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