Ma-Ta-Nah Temple No. 136 Membership Training

The Membership Chairman from Ma-Ta-Nah Temple, Wanda Dunwoody, PQ, hosted members attending the training session with pizza and salad in her home on Friday night for a casual get together. Dessert was a delicious cake made by her husband, Gary Dunwoody, Past Imperial Potentate. All had a great time meeting and renewing friends and sharing news.

On Saturday, September 28, the membership training was held at the Holiday Inn in Little Rock, Arkansas. Eight Temples were represented with 27 members in attendance. Nine members from Mat-Ta-Nah, two from Al Sihah, two from Dynasty Amenna with a dual member from Zia, one from Khafra, five from Merak, seven from Rithmah, and one from Ziphron attended the training. The training was presented by Vesta Marshall, PSQ; Vickie Hill, Supreme Princess Badoura; and Sue Ellen Hickman, PQ. Wanda Dunwoody assisted with the projector and slide show.

Wanda welcomed all and was excited to see so many in attendance. Queen Marsha Hepp from Ma-Ta-Nah Temple welcomed all and asked each to introduce herself and her Temple.

Vesta Marshall, PSQ, started the training with a welcoming Nile cheer. She said three words could describe our Order – Believe, Commitment, and Opportunity. Torch Flames with Nile words where distributed to each member. Each person was asked to tell what that word meant to her. Thoughtful and inspiring meanings were shared by all.

Recruitment was presented by Sue Ellen Hickman, PQ. Ways to recruit members, where we can find the eligible members, and what resources were available to use for recruitment followed. The Pink Panther video was shown. Many requested to purchase addition thumb drives that have the Pink Panther video on them so that they can use them in their Temple. The Tinderbox, History Book, and Pocket Proposals were also shared. Several Temples shared what they do to recruit members. Members from Rithmah Temple No. 93 shared some of their activities that help to recruit new members. One idea was that each officer and member carry a small business card with the Temple information and room on the back to write her name and number. The prospective member will then have the name and number of someone to contact if they want additional information about Daughters of the Nile.

Retention was the next topic presented by PSQ Vesta. We need to look at what we offer the members. We should be operating as a business with accountability. “Change is needed so we can continue and accept the change.” We need to bring the pieces together using advertising, Shrine, community events, displays, website, and Constant Contact. Each method is important to use to share information about our Temples. Many ideas were generated from the members.

During lunch, members filled out the Bingo cards where they had to find others who fit the description in each box. They found new things about new and old friends. After a drawing of all the Bingo sheets, two members received a hand towel embroidered with the Nile emblem.

PQ Sue Ellen presented reinstatement with a few ideas on how to stay in contact with someone who may have demitted or were dropped. These contacts may lead them to think about returning to Daughters of the Nile.

The Legacy program was presented by PQ Vickie. The Legacy form can be found on the Nile website or in the Tinderbox Booklet. The Legacy program is open to all members who are related by birth or marriage to another member of Daughters of the Nile. Vickie was very moved that she could pass the Legacy to her daughter and she received her Legacy pin. Her daughter will receive her pin shortly. A member also shared that she has four generations in her Legacy. What a great gift we can give to our family members.

How the Membership and Public Relations Committee works and the responsibilities of the committee were explained. The bullying program and video was presented by PQ Vickie. We need to rethink what a bully is in our society now. We need to remember to leave the negative comments and thoughts outside the door and say no to the bully in the room. We have the right to be treated with respect and it is OK to say no. We can let each member know what they can be without being bullied into something they are not.

The mentor program was presented by PSQ Vesta with the Mentor Book and video. It is important that the mentor is assigned as soon as the petition is voted on and the Recorder has sent out the invitation. The mentor should be someone who lives in the same geographic area and is a person with similar likes. The new petitioner should be contacted prior to the initiation so that she has someone to contact if she has questions or concerns. A new members’ welcome book developed for Zitta Temple and the Temple Handbook from Omar Temple were shared. Many members requested digital copies of these two resources. Many ideas were shared from the other Temples. Rithmah Temple names the classes of new members (month and Supreme Queen group). An example would be the September Crown Jewels. Have a group dinner/ lunch with the new members when they join and have a reunion dinner with members. They would sit with the Queen who initiated them. These were a few of the ideas shared. A membership tool kit was developed that included brochures for the Foundation, business cards for the officers, Units, Pocket Proposals, and other items that pertain to that Temple and is presented to each new member.

A discussion followed with the Temples sharing ideas that have worked in their Temple. A travel backpack is filled with brochures, items needed or made for the hospitals, and flyers about their Temple. That backpack could then be taken to a community or Shrine event for a very simple display about the Daughters of the Nile. Another idea was a membership summit once a year where the Membership Committee would go to a hotel for a weekend or overnight and discuss what plans and goals they want to accomplish during the year and how they would achieve these goals. You can partner with the Shrine and their Legacy program and with the youth groups to give an awareness of Daughters of the Nile. Building a working relationship with the Shrine is important.

We need to work together and unite all generations. Remember that our organization was established as a social group. We need to keep the fun and fellowship in our Sessions and events. Every activity does not have to be a fundraiser. The training session closed, and the members stayed to continue sharing ideas with each other. Many met on Saturday night to have a social dinner together. We even had a lesson on the real meaning of “Bless Your Heart.” Laughter and fellowship were the keys for the evening.

Sue Ellen Hickman, PQ
Supreme Temple Membership and Public Relations Committee

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