Six Degrees of Separation

I want to tell you a story, the facts are true, but the name has been changed other than mine.  

The first of the year I volunteered to help with the COVID shot clinic at our local fairgrounds.  That morning I got up and found a note from my husband to come back to bed because it had  snowed during the night and the roads were icy. Of course, I ignored the note and went  anyway. I had made a commitment and I was going to be there.  

The day went as expected, it snowed some more. Ok, I live in Central Oregon, its snows. I got off my shift and headed home. I noticed the snow plows coming from the north bound lanes had turn at the interchange and started to clean the south bound lanes. What luck, I will follow them. Freshly plowed roads to go home on. Who could ask for more? 

As I was heading home, I watched a car, coming up the north bound lane, hit a patch of ice, cross  three lanes of traffic and came directly at me. I had enough time to say “God protect me” before the impact. I must admit that He did send his Angels.  

I don’t need to tell you about the State Police, the fire department and the ambulance ride to the hospital. At the hospital, the ER doctor told me that I was lucky to be alive. Only two patients, on the average, walk out of the hospital and go home the same day from this type accident. l was one of them. I have concussion, seatbelt, airbag and other related injuries. I feel fortunate that I know that God is not finished with me yet. 

The young man that hit me never regained consciousness and passed 10 days later. His father  reached out to me and wanted to know if I was alright and was sorry for what had  happened. Since then John and I have developed a friendship and email back and forth.  

I decided to get a Stepping Stones to Happiness in Memory Of his son. I asked John for his mailing address so I could have the Stepping Stones mailed to him. I was prepared to explain who the Daughters of the Nile are and what we do. He told me, ”I know what you represent and what your organization does. My wife used to work at the local Shriners Hospital. What a gift to carry on my son’s name.” 

Thus, the six degrees, you never know what you say about Daughters of the Nile or do for Daughters of the Nile, people are listening and watching. 

It goes to show what a wonderful organization Daughters of the Nile is. 

Pr. Debbie Gallino 
Zuleima Temple No. 13 
Ashland/Medford OR

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