Philadelphia Donation Requests

This past year we started something new in Philadelphia. We now have an Amazon list with a variety of items requested by different departments throughout the hospital, and that is updated throughout the year. In addition, we have continued to maintain the below list for the Daughters of the Nile, as we have done in years past.

All items purchased from Amazon will automatically be shipped to us and to the attention of Aviary Ann Roberto in Rehab Services, who will then direct the items to the appropriate department/service. Any items not purchased from Amazon, can still be boxed separately, and sent to the attention of the department/contact person listed below in parenthesis. That person will then place the items in the appropriate location to be utilized.

Amazon List: Items needed/listed from various departments and services.

In Patient Nursing — (Scud to Pam McGlynn – Inpatient Unit Clerk)

• Keurig Coffee Maker (for individual K-cups) – for the inpatient/PICU unit for parents to access coffee throughout the day without having to leave the hospital, and their child
• Dry Shampoo – for teens that are anxious to wash their hair after surgery, but who are not cleared medically to shower
• Dum Dum Lollipops — for the inpatient units Quantity: Unlimited

Day Rehab — (Send to Recreational Therapy/Child Life)

• K-Cup Teas
• K-Cup Coffee (For once cup coffee maker; for parents)
• K-Cup Hot Chocolate
• Non-refrigerated Ha1f-n-Half/creamer
• Plastic spoons
• Disposable cups with lids

Recreational Therapy/Child Life — (Send to Recreational Therapy/Child Life)

• Fabric Paint (assorted colors)
• Tie Dye and assorted sized white t-shirts (children and adult sizes)
• Thomas The Train trains to fit “Wooden Railway Systems”
• Boys and Girls birthday wrapping paper
» Newer released DVD’s (PG-13, PG)
• Pool Sticks for Billiards
• Chapstick Brand Chapstick & fruit scented Chapstick,
• Lip Smackers Coke, Pepsi, Fanta and Starburst flavors lip moisturizer
• No-spill bubbles (15-20 bottles)
• Window Cling Decorations for all Holidays and Summertime Fun (for pool area)

Pool — (Send to Recreational Therapy/Child Life – Anne Leer)

• Ladies bathing suits (for the larger kids & teenagers)
• Men’s bathing suits (for the larger ki6s & teenagers
• Girls bathing suits
• Boys bathing suits
• Beach/Pool/Fish themed Window Cling On Decorations
• Goggles (durable and sized for 8-18 year olds — not from dollar store)
• Poof Noodles

Speech Therapy (Send to Rehab. Services7 Attention. Speech Therapist)

• EZPZ Tiny Cups

• Rubbermaid Litterless juice box 8.5oz

• $25 dollar App store gift cards —Apple (These will be used for AAC speech applications for patients)

• $25 dollar google play gift cards (These will be used for AAC speech applications for patients)

Occupational Therapy Kitchen Area (Send to Rehab Services — Justine)

• Dish soap (for OT kitchen area)
• Dishwasher pods
• Ziplock bags (gallon)
• 8×8 disposable aluminum pans with lids (for patients to take the baked items they make back to their room to share)
• Cookie mixes: cake mixes and cans of frosting; brownies and other dessert mixes

Motion Analysis Center — (Send to Doug Chafetz)

• Unisex basketball shorts
• Boys/girls size M (size most needed)
• Boys/girls size L
• Boys/girls size XL k
• Adult size S
• Adult size M
• Adult size L (size most needed)
• Adult size XL
• Sports Bras (all sizes)

Out Patient Clinic — (Send to Jenn Sanceciz — Outpatient Department)

• Dum Dums
• 30 lbs bulk lollipops
About 2,340 pops

Clothing — (Send to 2nd floor Clothing Closet – c/o ESD – Jeanette Stanard/Brian
Daley) – to be used by the nursing department for inpatients that do not have clothing.

• Bathrobes (for patients 12 to 20 years — girls & boys)
• Pajamas (all sizes — kids size 4/5 to ladies/men’s large)
• Short sleeve teen girl shirts (sizes 13-18)
• Short sleeve teen boys shirts (size 13-15)
• Girls’ underwear (sizes 4 — teen) Quantity: 6-12 pair each size
• Boys (teen) underwear — boxer briefs Quantity: 6-12 pair each size
• Teenage and adult size sweatpants and t-shirts
• Teenage girl tank tops and shorts (S,M,L,XL)
• Teenage Boy shorts (M, L, XL, XXL)
• Adult size socks (Male and Female)

Occupational Therapy (OT) – (Send to Rehab Services – Justine)

• The Orb Factory PlushCraft Kitten Club 3D Soft Craft (Quantity:3)

Physical Therapy (PT) – (Send to Rehab. Services – Kim)

• Unisex basketball shorts (Send to Rehab. Services — Dana)
• Boys/girls size M (most in demand)
• Boys/girls size L
• Boys/girls size XL
• Adult size S
• Adult size M
• Adult size L (most in demand)
• Adult size XL
• Medals(ideas for the patients participating in the Therastride program) – See link below:–a2-13687260.fltr?categoryId=551515,551515,551515&rd=medals

• Stim Units (for home use for patients with Spinal Cord Injury)
(Quantity: 5-10)

• Sneakers (sizes Toddler to Adult (boys and girls) — to be used in Physical Therapy sessions
• Water shoes for the pool Sizes “little kid” 11 and up (but not smaller) Sizes “little kid” 11 and up (but not smaller) Adult sizes 4 and up (mens and womens)

Sewing Needs:

• Hand Sewn Arm Slings – (Send to Rehab Services – Justine LaPierre
These can be made from assorted fun patterned fabrics and sized for young children and teens in casts. Patterns can be found online.

• Hand Sewn Walker Bags — (Send to Rehab Services – Kim Scharff)
These are small cloth bags that can attach to patient walkers so they can carry things. These can be made from assorted fun fabrics of interest for young children, and teen/young adult patients. Patterns can be found on line.

• Hand Sewn Hospital Gowns – (Send to Pam McGlynn – Inpatient Unit Clerk) These can be made from fun, interesting and age appropriate fabric, with 2 ties in the back and snaps over the shoulders. Needed are sizes toddler to 19 years — with the
highest need being the teen sizes. (Call or email Mary Ann Roberto at 215-430-4198 / to request a sample photo.)

• Hooded Scarf Blanket – (Send to Rehab Services – Sarah Ashworth)

Purpose. Our: patients with higher-level spinal cord injuries have difficulty with temperature regulation. Many of these patients have surgery on their arms to improve their function. After surgery, they have limited mobility and have difficulty with being cold. Due to casts and splints, they cannot easily wear a sweatshirt or jacket. The goal of this design was to keep the head and neck warm with arm covers that were easily movable to access the arms for therapy.
Design. This was made with fleece. lt starts with a hood, which has a flap that can be fastened on the other side to cover the nose in math. There is a short rectangular piece on the back of the hood to cover the neck and shoulders but not the full length of the back as that could cause skin irritation while seated in a wheelchair. Connected off that back rectangle are two longer strips that are long enough to cover the arms and wide enough to cover the entire front of the patient if the arms are propped on a pillow in their lap.

The goal is to have these available to our adolescent and young adult patients to keep them comfortable after arm surgery. We would love to have some made in designs appropriate for older teens and young adults and big enough to fit them.

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