Nile Nourishment – Membership Ideas With All the Fixings

Now in Print Yourself version!

The members of Daughters of the Nile have been cooking up ideas for membership development for over one hundred years. One of the goals of this 2020-2021 Supreme Temple Membership and Public Relations Committee was to gather all of the successful recipes for membership recruitment, retention, reinstatement, and mentoring; and to share them with all of the Temples. There isn’t one magic plan that will work for all of them. Just as each one of us is unique, so is each one of our Temples. Each one requires a specific plan for its size, geographic location, and the diversity of its members. This book, Nile Nourishment – Membership Ideas With All the Fixings, is a collaboration of the successful ideas submitted by our Temples throughout North America and Brazil. 

This book is your resource book. It is a tool that you can go to again and again for helpful ideas to strengthen and energize your Temple. 

Order your copy today!  Read the membership tips that have been shared and select some that would be excellent activities for your Temple members. 

Let’s get cooking with Daughters of the Nile!

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