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Who are the Daughters of the Nile During a Pandemic?

The Daughters of the Nile continue to be a group of women of good character, 18 years or older, related by birth or marriage to a Shriner, Master Mason, or Daughter of the Nile; a majority member in good standing in a Masonic Related Organization for Girls, or a former patient of a Shriners Hospital for children.

You will still find us in Chapters or Temples as we call them, located in cities across the United States and Canada and now in Brazil.

Daughters of the Nile began when wives, daughters, mothers, widows, and sisters of Shriners met at the home of Mabel Krows in Seattle, Washington more than a hundred years ago.

We are not a secret group but a group of women dedicated to fun, fellowship, and our philanthropy, the support of Shriners Hospitals for Children.

How has this been managed in the year 2020 during a Pandemic which hasn’t allowed for in-person gatherings or the usual flurry of activities? As we saw that the pandemic would not be over in a short amount time and it was going to be months and not weeks before any amount of normalcy, we began to do many activities virtually or by telephone or other means. Virtual meetings are real-time interactions that take place over the Internet using integrated audio and video, chat tools, and application sharing and in this way we were able to engage with other members when face to face meetings were not possible.

Many of us had to learn to do Zoom or to use other chat tools. We had to sharpen our computer skills and learn to use our cell phones more often and in different ways to communicate. What is a screen shot? How can it be shared? We learned what we needed to in order to communicate to our members to keep everyone in touch. Articles on “Communicating During a Pandemic” were written and shared. Ideas on how to engage fellow members on the telephone were suggested and used.

In some areas meetings were slow to start virtually as we learned how to do this kind of sharing and many ladies had to learn to manage e- mails and texts on their phones as well as a shared computer but we learned we could have fun that way, too.

Stated Sessions and Obligation Only Initiations have continued virtually and provided an opportunity for fellowship and the initiation of new members.

In the meantime, some of our unit activities had to be done virtually. Lessons were taught and participated in. Choirs and bands had virtual practices. It might be a bit hard to do precision marching together but maybe not impossible. Meetings were held to make future plans.

Fundraising has gone on to support our philanthropy. We have come up with various ways to raise money for our Temples – bakeless bake sales, ticket sales for cash prizes, and raffles among many other ideas.

Philanthropic activities have continued. The sewing of pre-op dolls, covers for casts and wheel chair bags has been replaced by the sewing of masks, ice bags and hospital gowns for our hospitals this year. Games, toys and other gifts for Hospital patients have been gathered as usual through no contact deliveries made to front porches and other delivery methods. Fundraising or donations have been made by e- transfer or other virtual means.

We have continued to encourage ladies who might be interested in being a Daughter of the Nile to join us, even in these difficult times, because we want everyone to be a Daughter of the Nile.

Daughters of the Nile – It’s Worth Your While!

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