Ziphron Temple No. 100

San Angelo, Texas

Meets 1st Sunday of each month at 2:30 p.m except the 4th Sunday in August (No Sessions June, July, September)


Our Membership Day included ladies from Ruh Neb Temple No. 64, Austin, Texas; Ziphron Temple No. 100, San Angelo, Texas; and Rithmah Temple No. 93, Fort Worth, Texas; as well as members of the Supreme Temple Membership and Public Relations Committee – Vesta Marshall, PSQ; Ramona Brown, PQ; and Heather Herridge, PQ.

Caron Joseph, PQ, and the Ruh Neb Temple ladies prepared a breakfast and lunch for all in attendance.  They also organized a supper at a local restaurant for those who wished to attend that dinner following the day’s meeting.

Our day began with excitement and enthusiasm from our cheerleader Vesta Marshall.

The flame words were passed out to all and each lady told what their word meant to them.  There were many interesting meanings for the words that were shared with the group.

Recruitment, Retention, and Reinstatement were first on our Agenda.  The “Pink Panther” video was shown.

After lunch, the Legacy Program and Bullying Presentation and video were shared.

Vesta then presented the Mentoring program and video.  Attendees received the Mentor Booklet and their Certificate as a certified mentor.

The Supreme Temple Membership and Public Relations Committee presenters were welcomed with exceptional hospitality. It was a wonderful time enjoyed by all.

Heather Herridge, PQ
Supreme Temple Membership and Public Relations Committee

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