Subordinate Temple Website Guidelines

At the Annual Supreme Session held June 2010, guidelines were approved for Subordinate Temple websites.  These guidelines and a sample site map are included in the document below.  For additional information, contact the Chairman of the Website Committee at  (Click here for a printer-friendly version of the Guidelines.)


       Subordinate Temples may create and maintain only one website.

         The design, content and domain name must reflect the standards of Daughters of the Nile.

         A Supreme Temple Website Review Committee shall be responsible for approving and reviewing the content and design of Subordinate Temple websites upon startup and periodically thereafter.  The members of this committee may be the same as or different from the Supreme Temple Website Committee.

         A website proposal shall be submitted for approval prior to publishing.  A “Proposal for Subordinate Temple Website” form shall be available through the Supreme Temple website at  The proposal shall include:

o   the name and contact information of the responsible webmaster;

o   the website URL;

o   the Hosting Company or URL of the primary domain (if publishing on a sub-domain of a concordant body such as the local Shrine Temple website);

o   basic content information;

o   a draft of the design;

o   date of anticipated publication.

         The responsible webmaster shall be the only individual with security access to upload and maintain the website; a copy of the security access and general instructions shall be kept under lock and key in the Princess Recorder’s office.

         The Queen of the Subordinate Temple shall have ultimate responsibility for appropriate content and design.

         Subordinate Temple webmasters must comply with all decisions of the Supreme Temple Website Review Committee and must make any requested changes to their sites.

Design and Content

         All Subordinate Temple websites should include links to the Supreme Temple Daughters of the Nile website and the Daughters of the Nile Foundation website.

         Additional links should be limited to those within the fraternal organizations associated with Freemasonry and Shriners International.

         If requested, the Supreme Temple Website Committee may provide basic design and hosting assistance; however, the availability of technical assistance and programming will be limited.

         Graphics may be used; permission to use the Daughters of the Nile official trademark shall be requested of the Supreme Princess Recorder.  Only official Daughters of the Nile logos may be used.  Be mindful of copyright standards for music and graphics.

         Directory information should be limited to first and last names of officers, unit directors, and/or committee chairmen within the Temple, unless the member strictly prohibits it.  Any member may request that her name not be included on the website. 

         Unique contact email addresses should be created and used for publication to prevent the use of personal contact information.  Examples may include,;;

         Sickness and distress should be limited to asking for cards and prayers for members.  Members’ privacy shall not be violated.

         Photographs shall be in good taste and should be limited to activities related to the Subordinate Temple, its units and clubs.  Any member may request that her photograph not be published.

         Subordinate Temples may not publish photographs of children who are patients of Shriners Hospitals. 

Additional information

         If the server on which the website is hosted generates pop-up ads that are not under the control of the webmaster, a disclaimer must be posted to the website. 

         Each Subordinate Temple is responsible for all costs associated with its official website, including domain registration, website hosting, website design, training and security.

         Subordinate Temple websites shall be reviewed annually by the Supreme Temple Website Review Committee.

Suggested Standardized Site Map       

Proposal for Subordinate Temple Site 
(to be submitted for approval prior to publication of site)